A Lite Farie Tale Series

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Gata; Daughter's of Light

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Gata; Daughters of Light...

I sighed as I looked at the letter.

I had no clue who these people were, but this was the second letter she’d sent. Unfortunately I didn’t know my mother’s family, because my father had elected to keep them from me; because my mother had a mental illness, therefore it was for this reason that he claimed it was better for me, than to see my mother as she was.

I never accepted that, but each time I tried to search for my mother, it was thwarted by him, and I would end up being punished; so after fifteen I gave up. 

By the time I turned 18, it just seemed dumb, so I never tried again.

Now here I sat fifteen years later looking at the letter in hand, and wondering if I should? 

Wondering if it was my right to know them, even though I had ignored my search for them for the last fifteen years.

I looked at the letter again, then placed it on the coffee table before me. As I looked down at my hands, I noticed they were trembling.

I can do this!

I told myself, picked up the letter again, then dialed the number listed on it.

It ran three times, and I decided to hang up on the fourth try, when someone answered.

“Hello Catalina, I was hoping you would call.” The voice said, I gasped, and almost hung up the phone.

Ummm, yes, can I speak with a Midna Ó Crinnilian.”

“This is she.” The voice returned, and I sat gaping, with the phone slightly to my ear.

Uuuh I received a letter in the mail today, which stated that I was related to you, on my mother’s side.”

“Yes, I’m your cousin. I would like to meet if that’s okay with you.” She said, and I paused.

Wasn’t this what I said I wanted?

To know from whom and where I came?

I suddenly thought about my father, and knew he would be none too happy.

“Hello, are you still there.” She inquired, and I shook my head.

“It’s a good thing for you I have second sight, or I’d have thought you gone.” She replied laughing, and if I was surprised before by her knowing my name when I called, I was flabbergasted now.

“How did you…”

“I’ll explain it all after you agree to meet. Mak and Kal will just love this.” She said, and her voice sounded giddy.

“Are they related too. I never figured I would have any guy cousins.” I returned, and she laughed again.

“They’re not, MaKayla and Kalanit, Mak and Kal for short.”

“Oooh, okay.” I said, and this time I laughed.

“Would you like us to fly there, or vise versa?” She asked, and I sighed as I thought about my father again.

“I guess I could fly there, I do have some vacation time coming.” I suggested, and she paused.

“Mind if I ask what you do?” She questioned, and I paused again. 

Should I really give out this information? What if she was some kind of psyco or something? The fact that she knew my name, and that it was me calling gave cause for trepidation.

“I’m not a psyco Cat, just a bit, how shall I say, intuitive?” She countered, laughing again.

“Fine, I guess. When would you want to meet?” I asked, and she immediately responded.

“As soon as possible. I have a great many things to tell you, and they so can’t be told over the phone.”

“Well I guess I could book the flight for Friday, that would give me three days to pack, break the news to my father, then take the time off. And oh, I’m a Historian for the University of New York.” I stated, and she laughed again.

“I guess it runs in the blood. It’s crazy, because Kal used to be the assistant curator for the MET, then transferred to the BET in Los Angeles. Wait until I tell her.” She said laughing even more.

I spent the next twenty minutes gathering all the information I would need to find her, said good bye, then went online and booked the flight for Friday morning.

As I hung up the phone, I sighed as I looked at the clock. It was 8pm on a Tuesday night, so I knew my father would already be in bed.

His arthritis getting the best of him lately.

I immediately went to my room to pack.

From what I’d always heard, it never rained in southern California; well at least that’s what Tony, Tonie, Tonny said.

I laughed then.

“I crack myself up pugs.” I said to my pug, but he yawned, then looked at me as if I was crazy.

I walked into the bedroom, snatched out the suitcases, then frowned as I looked at my closet.

“Pack light, I’m sure you won’t be there for long.” I muttered, then sighed again as I sat down on the bed.