A Lite Farie Tale Series

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Midna's Farie Tale...

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Kate Havnevik (Melankton)


Midna knew there was something different about Det. O'Crinillian from the moment he helped her up from the ground. From the way his accent seemed to come and go, to the way her senses seemed to be on overdrive anytime he came near her.
But Good lawd! Those amazing eyes of his.
But she never would have guessed in a million years, that he was a fricken fairy!
Tinkerbell didn't have shinto on him!


Seventh Realm

Rowan Palace….

     Rowan Courts

7th Realm...

     “Nae father! I canna stey here anymair. I love my brother, but if I do ye'll be less one son. He continually blames me for what happened with his wife, and it willna end here. Sooner or later, one of us will end it, and ye know it.”

        “But the human werld son? Ye are to be king!”

        “Just for a while father, I willna be thar for the duration. But I canna take it here any longer. The whole idea of being king is a bit overwhelming right now. Just the four father, and I promise I’ll return and do what is expected of me?“ Kailen begged as he ran his fingers through his hair, and looked at his frowning father.

        “I canna stop ye son, but ye must know the Council willna approve of this?”

        “I know father, but I also know ye have pull, and most of them do what ye suggest. Just for a while Dà, and then I promise I willna ever speak of it again.” Kailen pleaded, and the king sighed.

       He’d already lost one son, and he had no desire to lose the other. He could tell from the look in his son’s eyes if he didn’t, Kailen would not return to him at all. He could force him to stay, but what would be the point? Not to mention, Kailen would probably resent him.

         “Fine, but ye must promise just the four. I canna keep the Council for anything mair Kailen. Ye know how they are.” Kailen smiled, then embraced his father laughing.

“When are ye leavin son?” The king asked and Kailen sighed.

          “Tonight.” He returned, and the king frowned.

           “If it is what ye feel ye must do, I canna be angry wit ye.” The king replied sighing himself.

           “Thank ye Dà, I knew ye wud understand.” Kailen said embracing his father again, then ran from the room.

The king sighed again shaking his head.

            “The young…so full of life and promise.”



   The months became years, and the king would watch his son through the grenadine nearly every day. He watched him graduate from one of the human schools, go to another; as well as his jaunts with love gained, and love lost.

   The entire courts would watch Kailen’s escapades with both joy and laughter, and Roi’ realized everyday he missed his son more and more.

   When Kailen made police detective the entire courts cheered and congratulated the king. Kailen seemed more at home in the human world than his own, and this worried the king. Kailen’s time was nearing an end, and the king knew he would have a difficult time bringing him back to his natural world.

Roí sighed as he walked through the halls to the council room.

As he entered, they were all there.

       “We see Kailen is doin well Roí.” Batavia replied grinning as Roí sat down.

           “Yes, he is well.”

          “Yet, he must know it is time to come home too?” Hagan asked with a slight frown.

           “Yes, and he will do what he is told.” Roí stated with a frown of his own.

           “And the marriage Roí?” Tippet countered.

          “He will merry as well. He knows what is to be expected of him.”

         “Splendid, I have already spoken to Kleist and she is most happy.” Batavia smiled.

        “I am not sure why ye wud do that Batavia. I can do many things, but I willna force him to merry someone he dosna wish to.” Roí returned as his frown deepened.

         “Well he has to merry someone Roí, and ye know this. It is decreed.” Laren frowned.

         “This I know too Laren, he will come to me when the time is right.” Roí countered, and they nodded.

Roí sighed to himself.

Now, he just had to convince his son this was for the best.



Chapter One…

Studio City California…

    I rolled over and looked at the clock yawning, and it was only 10:30. I snuggled down into the comforter, and was suddenly on a rolling hill of green.

    I could smell wild flowers, and the sweet smell of freshly cut grass. I looked out across the huge meadow and was stunned.

Where the hell was I?

    I never had dreams like this, but it was beautiful to say the least. The sky was a bright brilliant blue, and the sun felt glorious on my skin. I could hear the soft sounds of music, so I looked around to see where it was coming from.

I suddenly saw someone walking towards me across the vast meadow and gasped.

It was the detective.

But he looked nothing like I remembered!

    He was dressed in a green and black plaid kilt, but his chest was bare. Tanned strong muscles rippled as he walked, and I was shocked at how toned he was. He was also barefoot!

I guess a suit coat and a shirt could hide a lot. I shook myself mentally. This could not be happening. I hated anything like harlequin romance, so why was I dreaming in full techno-color harlequin?

As he approached me I got a strange buzzing feeling, and something just wasn’t right. I knew I hadn’t had a date in months, but damn to dream of this guy just hours after meeting him seemed a bit much.

        It’s not like I could say he wasn’t my type because he was beautiful, if a man could be that? The eyes were what caught my attention though.

        As he continued to stride towards me, I noticed his hair was nearly to this waist, and the sun caused the blue black highlights to reflect in its glare. This was very odd to me, because he’d had a fo-hawk when we’d met.

I sighed.


I wasn’t even sure if I liked him yet.

       He walked up to me then, but it wasn’t exactly walking more like a strut, cat like and not at all like he was a cop. He stopped in front of me, smiled and reached out to take my hand.

I looked up at him expecting him to say something, but he didn’t.

When I still hadn’t moved, he gave me a dimpled smile and tugged on my hand making me follow him. I timidly took a step, and things seemed to swirl as I stood there shocked.

We were instantly in what looked like a cavern, but there was lots of light. Not harsh electrical light, but the soft glow of candle light, only there were no candles around.

What appeared to be light moved about the cavern gliding, and dipping, which made me think it might be alive?

He pulled me up the first few large rocks, and then set my feet on solid ground. My quick intake of breath lodged itself in my throat as I looked around, because it was not what I was expecting.

There was a spring which flowed through the center of the grotto, and what looked to be every kind of flower known to man. I immediately closed my eyes and breathed in the heavenly sent.

    As I opened them and looked closer, my eyes threatened to pop out because it looked like those flowers had tiny faces, and tiny people rolling around in them.

I unexpectedly got a whiff of something strange. I wrinkled my nose at the smell, and he finally spoke as if he’d read my mind.

        “Tis a heat spring; sulfur.” He said and tugged on my hand again.

I knew I wasn’t about to get in that water, not to mention I wasn’t dressed for it. No sooner had I thought the words, then I looked down and saw I was dressed in a sarong and so was he. I had a swim suit top on, and my breasts were nearly spilling out.

I looked at him then, my eyes narrowing. Was this my dream or his? He noticed the shock on my face and chuckled. I waded into the water, and found it was delicious.

As I examined it closer, I saw small people swimming around in egg shells smiling up at me. I took a step back, and was startled when one of them saluted me. Oh my, God!

Were those pointy ears?

     My eyes flew to his face, and he grinned shrugging. He pulled me close as if he was about to kiss me, when I placed my hands on his chest.

       “Wooh big boy, we just met.” I cried and he grinned again wider.

       “Actually we havena, and the Goddess has given not only her permission, but her blessing as well.” He replied as he pulled me closer to him, and his grin got even widener.

       “The who?”

       “The Goddess, the Consort, and all that is mon and womon.”

       “Okay that’s nice, but I don’t giva f….” He placed two fingers over my lips and shook his head.

      “Shhh, they’ll hear ye. We must do this.” He whispered next to my ear, and I noticed his brogue then. The accent wasn’t this thick when we’d met right? I asked myself trying to remember.

It was strange I understood everything he said. I knew if this wasn’t a dream, I’d have no clue what the fuck he was saying.

“But what if I don’t want to do this?” I whispered in his ear, because I suddenly felt as if we were being watched. He touched the side of my face, then traveled the length of my lips looking down on me.

     “Am Ah that repulsive to ye then?”

     “Of course not, you know you’re hot.” I murmured back, frowning.

     “And ye said tis only a dream, right?” He asked giving me that lopsided grin again.

     “This feels like no dream I ever ha…” His lips stilled whatever else I was about to say.

I felt the fire creep into my body, slowly working its way up my limbs, only to settle in the neither regions. I broke the kiss gasping.

      “That sooo did not feel dream like.” I whispered a little too breathless.

       “Just trust me.” He whispered.

My eyes narrowed again.

      “Relax, tis only a dream ye said. What harm ever comes from a dream?” He winked and grinned again.

That was the last lucid thought I had, because he pulled me even closer to him and sat me on his lap.

As an afterthought I wondered in the back of my mind what he was sitting on, but his lips brushed the thought from me. He untied the sarong and I realized I was naked underneath it, and the one he wore didn’t cover much to begin with; so it was as if he were already naked.

He kissed my throat, and I sighed.

I should not be doing this! My mind screamed.

But it was just a dream right?

        I heard him chuckle.

      He brought my lips back to his causing my thoughts to cease again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he lifted me by the hips, and a deep sigh left my lips. He rocked me forward, and everything I might have asked him about this strange dream and place left me; and all I could feel was him.

      He suddenly whispered my name, and it alarmed me. I’d never told him my first name.

      But then this was a dream?

My dream right?

       In a dream, he would know my name? My driver’s license didn’t say it, it was in Hebrew.

       I threw my head back, and noticed the soft lights dancing on the cavern walls. They dipped and swirled with each breath we took. The deeper the thrust, the more they dipped and danced.

I was amazed at the light show.

       “What’s that?” I whispered against his lips.

       “The Goddess has given us her blessin.” He whispered back, drawing the skin in the curve of my neck into his mouth, and I moaned.

       “Now shhhh, let me love ye.”

I gave up trying to talk, and offered myself up to the feel of his lips, the way he felt, and the fact that he was making me feel things I had never felt before in my entire adult life.

He lifted me from him, and we were back in that meadow on a soft bed of flowers and grass.

He drove his hips forward with such force, I cried out; but not from pain. His body took on a more urgent rhythm, and I lifted my hips just a bit. He raised my hips up even further, which gave him an edge.

I moaned, digging my nails into his arms and shoulders.

It was delicious!

He moved his hips back, and I stilled beneath him.

He began to thrust shallow strokes, and the sensation spilled out from the lower regions to the tips of my toes, and I wondered if he’d hit the elusive spot as I screamed.

The sensations built immeasurably, and I knew I was only seconds away from the orgasm.

As the scream left my throat release came, and I would swear later I’d seen stars.

As he kissed my throat, the twilight which was now above him made the stars around us luminous. He drew away from me and I looked up as he whispered my name, as his spine bowed and he flung his head back; then collapsed on top of me.

 “Damn.” He whispered into my hair.

He rolled then taking me with him. He looked up at me and I could see his eyes had darkened again.

      “You have the strangest eyes.” I whispered trying to catch my breath, and he chuckled.

       “Because Ah’m Seelie.” He murmured with a smile, as if I had a clue what he meant.

       “What does that mean?”

He kissed the tip of my nose.

      “Later, now ye must sleep.” He said as he plucked one of the purple iris’s which grew next to us and put it behind my ear.

I looked down at him for several moments and thought, what a beautiful face.

You could tell this was a dream. He was just too handsome for me. I thought laughing bitterly to myself. I was never this lucky!

        “Sleep…” He said again, and I jerked awake in my bed surprised.

I looked around the room, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Fluffy lay at the end of the bed, and only spared me the slightest glance. The room was bathed in moonlight, and as I continued to look around the room I saw the clock read 1:30 am.

I had only been asleep for three hours?

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair, and then sat motionless.

It couldn’t be?

I thought scrambling out of the bed to turn on the light.

I walked over to the mirror, and there behind my left ear was the purple iris. The breath I’d been holding seemed to choke me all at once, and I needed to sit down. I reached for the glass of water by the bed side table, and absently drank it.

It was just impossible.

No fricken way!

It was just a dream.

It had to be.

The self conscious can play tricks on the mind. Maybe I was truly attracted to detective O’ Crinnilan, so it just manifested whatever I was feeling already?

Maybe I’d actually picked up the flower earlier and just didn’t remember it?

Yeah rite.

Like Iris’s just grow anywhere in Southern California? I wasn’t sure if they were even indigenous to California in the first place!

But the dream had felt so real.

      I got up and walked back to the mirror. My lips looked as if they were swollen, and there were tiny flecks of grass in my hair. I also had a huge hicky with the slight indentation of his teeth in the curve of my neck.

        I suddenly got a flash back, which nearly buckled my knees. He’d been magnificent! Never in my life had a man touched me like he did!

        I walked back to the bed.

        There had to be some reasonable explanation for all of this. There had to be!

        I would just sleep on it. My thoughts always seem to re-group themselves in the morning.

       I got back into the bed and pulled my comforter up to my chin, and snuggled into the pillows again. But this time I smelled the scent of him. It hit me so strong; I got another flash back of him.

I jumped up.

What the hell was going on? I must be loosing my fricken mind.

        “I’m losing my mind Fluffy!” I wailed and she looked at me as if to say, that’s your problem, closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

I walked to the linen closet, drew out a fresh pillow and blanket and headed for the sofa. I sat down, then curled my legs under me and laid my head down on the pillow.

Yes, this was much better.

Something strange was going on in that room, and I’d be damned if I was going back till I found out what it was. I remembered when I was younger I use to see my dead grandma, and we’d play together. But when I’d told my parents they just said I was imagining it. I remember my cousin Kal teasing me for an entire month about it.

So when I saw my grand at 15, 26, and 32, I just kept it to myself.

I closed my eyes and hugged the pillow. That was more like it, just fabric softener, and fabric softener only.

I smiled as I drifted off to sleep.