A Lite Farie Tale Series

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Precede with Caution

Oh Land (Oh Land)

Proceed with Caution...


Bekan knew when he'd left the 7th he'd be headed for trouble.
But...he longed for what Halleren and Kailen had, and they'd found it in the human world. If he could just find the one human woman, who could put up with his trickster side, he knew she would be the one for him...


McFadden Hall...

Tutoring Center...

Chapter One...

   As I sat looking around the tutorial services, I suddenly felt completely ancient. The bright young faces seem to imply promise and hope. At this moment I felt a little bit hopeless myself. I spotted my tutee before he did me, and watched nonchalantly as he swaggered towards me.

He’s a cutie too. 25 and all body, tall with a boyish face. He didn’t really seem to need tutoring, especially with the myths and legends; and I found it quite obvious he didn’t too. But for two years now I’d been his tutor. Sometimes I fooled myself into thinking he might be here for me, because he flirts so shamelessly, but then reality set in and would I think; with all these beautiful girls around campus, what would he want with a 36 year old? But I did have to constantly remind him I was his tutor, and nothing more.

But damn!

As I watched him advance towards me, my brain screams why the hell not?

He’s over 21! His muscles rippled as he walked, and the white tee was plastered to his chest showing off the indentations of his pecks as he moved. The blue jeans were loose fitting, and hung off his waist, because I could see the tips of his green checkered boxers. I suddenly felt my cheeks flame as he finally made it to the table.

He looked down on me with that lopsided grin of his. He knew he was sexy, and you could tell it as he ran his fingers through his thatch of curly blonde hair, then took a seat.

   “Wow…you look hot today Ms. O.” He said with a smile, and I rolled my eyes.

Ever the flirt!

   “Thank you. Did you happen to bring your literature book by any chance?”

   “Actually no. I was wondering if we might go to the library instead. I need to do some research, and I can check out my literature book from the reference desk?”

For some reason I could read mischief in his eyes, and I was a little leery at giving in to his request today. I mustered the most authoritative voice I could as I replied.

   “Fine, but only for today, and only because finals are next week.” I replied sternly, and rose from the table.

   “Okay, just today.” He quipped, and his grin got wider.

We walked from the tutorial services across campus, as we did he talked about his botanical botany class. He asked if I knew most of the plants on campus where engineered and done by students.

I wasn’t really paying attention to him or where I was going, because I had other things on my mind like my career; so when the biker came from out of nowhere I didn’t see him. He snatched me out of the way, but the force of him pulling me caused us both to go backwards, and I landed on top of him.

I looked down on him shocked.

He gave me his infamous grin, then reached up and smoothed my hair from my face.

   “This is a lesson; I so wanna learn Ms. O.” He whispered, and before I knew what he was about, I felt his soft lips on mine. I quickly jerked away from him and scrambled to my feet, face inflamed.

   “Colin. You can not go there.” I hissed looking down on him.

He got to his feet, the grin gone. I looked around then to make sure we hadn’t been seen.

I had one year left here, and I didn’t wanna screw it with a student affair. I was just about done with my graduate studies, and I wasn’t sure how an affair would go down. God knew I wanted to, from the first day I saw him; but that was a no-no! I knew it was strictly forbidden for professors, and I was sure it was probably sternly frowned upon concerning tutors.

As he studied me, the grin was back.

   “No worries Ms. O, its kewl if you’re not attracted to me.” He said as he brushed off the seat of his jeans and looked down on me.

Not attracted to him?

Good lord!

Was he fricken insane?

Every woman on this campus was probably attracted to him!

As he continued to stare at me with my open mouth, I would swear I saw the indentations of a small frown. Was I imagining it, or was he truly upset with my refusal?

We continued walking to the library, but he'd yet to say another word since he’d kissed me.

         Sander's Hall

Fifth level Library...

When we reached to the library he asked for a study room and my brow rose. The student librarian said there were only backrooms left, and before I could respond he said okay, gave her his student ID; then took the key. I stood there open mouthed again, as he turned and handed the key to me.

  “Do you mind? I’ve got some books to grab for my research?” He asked grinning, and for some reason right now I felt like slapping the grin off his of face! But what could I say, I'd already agreed to it. He left me standing there.

I walked around to the back of the library searching for the study room, and when I found it I nearly choked; then my eyes narrowed.

What was he up to?

It was the last room in the back, and almost completely obscured from the rest of the library.

As I looked into the window I could see if you moved the table to just the right angle, anyone who might be in the room would be completely shrouded from view. I unlocked the door, placed my bag and my books on the table; then plopped down in one of the chairs.

A few minutes later he was back with an armload of books. I got up and opened the door for him frowning. As I took the three books off the top our fingers grazed, and I would swear later an electrical shock went up my spine. My quick intake of breath caused him to look at me for several seconds; a perplexed look on his face.

Eyes as well as mouth wide, I took a step back as he continued to stare. Suddenly the perplexed look was replaced by that damn grin. I turned my back to him quickly, placed the books on the table, then went completely around the entire table to sit on the opposite side of it. He walked to the same side, placed the books in front of me, and pulled a chair up next to me.


My brain screamed.

I took a deep breath, and realized I was way to hot for him! He moved the chair a little bit closer, then pointed to one of the warrior women on the page.

As he leaned into me, I took a deep breath. He smelled heavenly. It was almost as if the scent of him enveloped me, cloaking out everything else but him. I looked at his hands and marveled at how large they were.

I instantly got an image of those hands on my thighs, as he was pressed forward between them. His lips were drawn to my throat, and I sighed as he traveled the path, only to settle in the curve of it; as he sucked the warm skin into his mouth. A deep whoosh of breath left my chest, and he looked at me. I shook my head to clear the images.

What the hell was wrong with me?

He leaned his 6’4 frame back in the chair to get a better look at me then, one brow rose as he did; which caused my face to turn scarlet.

  “You okay Ms. O’?” He asked with that same fricken grin, and my face was even redder with embarrassment. I cleared my throat.

  “Ye…yes…I’m fine. What is it we need to work on today Colin?”

  “A project.” Was all he said as he continued to stare at me, a slight smile on his face?

I sighed, rubbing my temples. 6 months were catching up with me, because I seemed to be as randy as a goat!

  “What project is that?” I asked as I continued to rub my temples with my eyes closed. It always helps a little, and it sometimes relieved some of the pressure.

  “Ye.” He whispered, and I turned sharply to look at his face.

  “Just kidding; damn Ms. O’ can’t you take a joke?”

  “Not today Colin, no.”

  “I’m sorry Ms. O. I promise I’ll concentrate on the project from now on. I swear!” He cried, but the grin was back as he crossed his heart; then gave me a salute.

He pulled the book back towards him, then gestured to indicate to me he was reading. I smiled despite my growing migraine. We stayed that way for about thirty minutes, when he asked;

  “How old are you Ms. O? That is if you don’t mind my asking, cuz if I had to guess, I’d say about 26 or 27.” He asked smiling.

I laughed.

  “Well bless your heart; actually I turn 36 this year.” I replied as I pulled one of the books towards me.

  “Ye have got to be absofuckenlutly kidding me. 36!” He cried and I laughed.

I always got that once I told someone my age, I guess I was blessed with looking young. It helped me to fit in around here.

   “Have you ever dated a younger man?”

   “No.” I replied quickly, and he laughed out right then.


   “Never.” I said without looking at him. I could feel his stare.

   “But why? Yer a beautiful womon, and had you not told me I wud have never guessed yer age. I swear, I thought you my age.” I looked at him then.

He was serious!

Most people never guessed I was about to turn 36. The oldest I had ever gotten was 29.

   “Thank you.” Was pretty much all that I could say.

Before I knew it, he'd moved the table, grasped the front of my chair and pulled it to him. I was about to protest, but his hand snaked out and grabbed the back of my neck; bringing my lips to his. I realized I was kissing him back! He’d pulled the chair up so far, I was nearly on his lap. He deepened the kiss, and the next thing I knew I was on his lap.

His lips were wonderful as his hands traveled up the back of my tee, and I kissed him back with all of the pent up frustration I’d felt for the last six months. His hand reached up and cupped my breast, and I sighed as his thumb grazed my nipple. He pulled my hips forward, and breath expelled from my body in a rush; as his lips caught the deep moan.

As his hands roamed my body, and he deepened the kiss again, someone started pounding on the glass window. I jerked away from him, and we both looked up. It was the librarian shaking her head and wagging her finger at us sternly.

I was mortified!

He smiled as the librarian walked away, and I jumped off of his lap. I guessed you could see in here better than I’d thought. I grabbed my purse, then bag and headed for the door.

   “Wait! Where are you going?” He cried jumping up from the chair.

   “Home.” Was all I said as I snatched open the door and was about to flee.

   “Lyra wait!” He yelled and I froze.

How the fuck did he know my first name?

The university doesn’t give out the first names of student tutors over 30. They believe it's up to the student tutor as to whether or not they want the student calling them by their first names.

   “How did you know my first name?” I asked as I slowly turned, my eyes narrowing.

His grin widened.

   “Lyra Bridgid O’Bannon; daughter of Shamus Llewellyn O’Bannon, six generation Irish.” He said and I gasped.

My mother was Dominican and African-American, and my dad was Irish. As crazy as it seemed, they'd meet at a college sit-in in the sixties, feel in love and was married two years later. 

But how would he know who my dad was?

   “Let’s just say I’ve been here all this time waitin for ye.” He grinned, and I nearly choked. His speech was completely different now.

   “If I might have but a moment of yer time, I’ll explain everything.” He said and gestured to the seat across from him.

I just stood there staring at him, and what once looked like 25, suddenly changed to 35.

Right there in front of me!

Did he just age 10 years in the space of two minutes?

This was fucken mental. I wanted no part of this shit!

   “No.” I cried and shot through the open door.

   “Lyra wait! Please!” He called but I kept on running.

   “No running in the library.” The librarian hissed as I flew past her.

I sprinted across the teacher’s parking lot to student parking, quickly got into my car and pulled out of the spot.

As I got to the first stop sign I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him standing in the parking lot, looking at my car. He seemed to smile at me, and then ebbed from that spot.

What the fuck was going on?

My brain screamed. The horn blowing, and the fact that I had just about plowed into a blue B.M.W. at the light jarred me back to reality.

I sighed and looked in the rear view mirror again, but I didn’t see him. Relief flooded me.

What the hell was going on?

I drove to The China Tea House, got a frozen chai, then drove home.

Well this is just great. I thought as I unlocked my apartment door, then smelled poop.

   “Bad boy!” I yelled as Rusty bounded into the living room to tackle me.

   “Naughty boy! You pooped on the floor Rusty!” I yelled at him, but he was beyond listening to me as he continued to jump up and down with his leash.

   “Fine, at least let me get changed and pick up your business. No goodies for you today, bad boy!” I scolded, and he whined as he sat down and put his paw over his nose. I had to smile at that.

   “Don’t try to make me feel pity for you, you were naughty.” I called as I walked into the back bedroom. He followed with his leash hanging out of his mouth. I put my clothes in the bathroom hamper, then remembered my bedroom window was open.

I looked up and saw my neighbor Tony with his binoculars. He was such a fucken pervert! I walked to the curtains, gave him the finger, then shut the blinds.

I sighed as I put on my sweats, then a pair of trainers. I so didn’t feel like walking Rusty.

I suddenly heard my mother’s voice then, with her thick accent.

   “You do not get a pet you can not take care of Lyra.” I sighed again as I put on the wife beater.

   “Okay Rusty, let’s go.” I said and walked to the door. I remembered the poop then. I got the scooper, picked it and disposed of it. I took out the Lysol and poured it on the floor, then mopped it up.

Thank God for swifter!

I thought as I ripped off the strip and tossed it in the trash, then washed my hands. He ran to me with the leash and I clamped it to his collar.

As we got into the elevator I saw Mrs. Stevenson from A2 and waved. She was a nosy old biddy, but I loved her. If you wanted to know anyone’s business, just ask Addie. The elevator dinged and Rusty rushed from it, causing me to plow into my neighbor Greg.

   “Whoa boy!” He cried laughing as we got tangled up, and I landed on top of him.

   “You know, I’ve never seen you this close up before.” He whispered, and I suddenly got a flashback of someone else. I gasped, then scrambled to my feet.

  “I’m sorry Greg.” I replied as I reined Rusty in.

  “No prob, the pleasure was all mine.” He countered smiling, and I could feel my face begin to flame. “I’m just kidding Lyra. I hope you know that?” He said smiling and I nodded, then smiled.

Greg was such a hottie, and I'd had visions of him ever since I moved here. But he was a straight p.i.m.p, and I wasn’t stupid enough to believe I'd be the only one.

   “Yeah, see ya later.” I called over my shoulder and let Rusty pull me towards the double soors.

   “But I will say the freckles on the bridge of your nose are adorable.” He grinned, and I smiled shaking my head as Rusty jerked me out the doors.

We ran towards the dog park, and as we entered I took off the leash and let him run wild. I laughed as I sat down, because Rusty chased after Mr. Grayson’s dog; and he started yelling at Rusty trying to get him off his poodle.

It was a good thing I'd had him neutered. I though laughing.

I suddenly felt someone next to me, so I turned sharply. It was Colin. I jumped up from the bench then.

   “What the hell are you doing here?” I hissed, and heard Rusty bark. He came running to me then crouched low, growling.

   “Hush.” He said as he looked at Rusty, and he was immediately asleep.

   “What the fuck did you just do to my dog?” I screeched, and he smiled up at me as he stroked Rusty’s fur.

   “He's only asleep Lyra. I wud never hurt an animal. But I don’t wish to be bitten either. He felt yer distress, so he came to protect ye, and a good boy he is for that.”

  “I say again, what do you want?”

  “Ye.” He replied grinning.

  “What? Have you lost your mind?”

  “No, why wud I? Just because I’m in love with ye?” He countered smiling.

  “You can so not be in love with me, you don’t even know me.”

  “Of course I do. We've spent three hours a day together, four days a week, for two years. How cud I not know ye?”

  “You know exactly what I mean.”

  “Of course I do, but tis not true; and ye know that too.” He returned, and his grin only got wider.

  “Stop being an ass Colin, you know what I’m talking about. Shit, is your name even Colin?”

  “Actually no, it’s Bekan.” He grinned.


  “But of course. More Celtic if ye ask me, but I didna name meself. Me mum did that.”

  “Well what the hell do you want Bek-kan?”

  “I already told ye what I wanted, and have for two years now.”

  “You’re crazy. Rusty, wake up!” I shouted and he jumped to his feet fully awake. I looked at Bekan again and he smiled.

  “Tell me at no time during the two years ye tutored me ye felt nothin for me and I’ll leave ye now?” He asked, and I paused with my back turned towards him.

What did I say?

I’d felt any number of emotions for him in the last two years, and now that I knew he was actually my age; what I felt for him seemed to be manifested even more.

But what the hell was he?

  “Tis easy enough to find out.” He said softly as he got up from the bench and extended his hand.

How the hell did he know what I’d been thinking?

  “Fae.” He whispered, then winked.

  “Fae?” I gasped, then backed up.

But they don’t exist! My brain screamed.

  “I beg to differ love.”

   “But how?”

  “Come, and I’ll show ye.” He challenged and I looked at his hand. “If ye don’t ye’ll regret it for the rest of yer life.” He stated smiling.

As I took a step towards him Rusty growled.

Was he trying to tell me something? I wondered as I looked down at him?

Before I could think about it, he grabbed my hand and a scream tore from my throat as we were suddenly spiraling through a maze of lights, which choked off the scream with their intensity. He grabbed me around the waist, and my arms immediately went around his neck tightly.

When we stopped spinning and I could breathe again, we were standing in a meadow of irises. I fell to the ground when he released me, because I was so sure I was about to hurl, as he bent to look at me.

   “Are ye okay love?” He asked with a worried look. I wobbled to my feet, then slapped him across the face. He turned to look at me, and the look he gave me was none too friendly.

   “I don’t think that wus necessary Lyra.” He snapped frowning.

   “Where the fuck am I?” I yelled looking around.

   “In Fae didna ye realize what I meant?”

   “No! Now take me back!” I screamed, and he suddenly looked sad.

   “Just give me one dey, and if ye don’t like it, I promise I’ll take ye back. And Fae’ canna lie. Just one dey, that’s all I’m asking ye.”

   “Dey, is that equal to one day?” I asked frowning. My head was still buzzing.

And where the hell was Rusty!

   “What did you do with Rusty?” I cried, and he looked at me.

   “Why, I sent him home.”

   “What the hell do you mean sent him home? He’s a dog, its not like he could unlock the door and walk in himself.” I snapped and he had the gall to laugh.

   “Of course he canna, unless there’s something ye didna tell me? Is he actually a sprite?”He asked with a devilish look, and I frowned up at him.

He sighed then.

   “I placed him in the house meself, put water in his bowl, and laid out the dog food.”

   “But how, you were with me?”

   “Fae can do many things at once. Now come. We shall meet the king and queen.” He said and we were suddenly on the grounds of a huge castle which was nested in the side of the mountain. I looked down and saw I was wearing furs, some kind of boots, and a huge hooded clock under the furs.

   “Tis ma cousin, we don’t need an audience; we can just walk in.” He recited and I looked at him then. He was dressed in furs too, but as he threw back the hood to look at me his blonde hair was straight; all the way down his back, and he had a goatee. His blue eyes seemed to change to a deep turquoise green, with a darker ring of blue in the middle, and a light green on the outer rim.


If I thought him hot before, oh my god now; he was an orgasm just waiting to happen.

This was a man, not a boy!

But who the hell had three different eye colors in one? As far as eyes go? They seemed to swirl as he grinned at me.

   “Come, we'll be bedded here for the night, and I’ll show ye all of Fae on the morrow. Mayhap ye’ll stay and be ma wifie?” He asked grinning.

   “Are you on crack?” I screeched, and he continued grinning as he tugged me towards the huge castle.

   “Ye know, I cud always just ebb us there.” He inquired hopeful.

    “You mean what you just did?” When he nodded I frowned. “I’d rather walk.” I spat.

    “So much pride ye have Lyra, so much pride.” He replied shaking his head, as he pulled me along.