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****Four Star Review for Midna's Farie Tale by Alexandria Infante from PpC Publications

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Reviewed by Amanda Pierce

Okay, so Ms. Infante is back, and kicking ass once again. Although she tells us that she is no longer with Eternal Press, we think she still has what it takes...

Midna's Farie tale is a collection of twist and turns, Jewish grannies trying to marry off the main characters, southern voodoo, and a hot Faire prince who thinks Midna's the best thing since ice cream; not to mention blended with some hot steamy romance.

I loved this book! it was a really entertaining book, and the characters were well developed, the writing was fresh, funny, and the main character Midna and her illustrious side kick Melissiah keep you laughing throughout the entire book.

I score this book four stars, because i really enjoyed it. The reason it only gets a four and not a five, is because of the ending. I am one of those people who hate cliff hanger endings. I feel like the ending wasn't fully developed, even though there is an excerpt in the back of the book for the next installment. However, that being said, this book still kicked arse!

***** Five Star Review for Midna's Farie Tale by author Alexandria Infante

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Reviewed by Merisa Collins

This was an awesome book!

Okay, so I am so not the one normally doing our Paranormal reviews. Yesi was on vacation, and Jenny had a six page essay to write; so low and behold it was left up to me. I like the Paranormal genre, but as most of you know, I'm more inclined to sink myself into a Historical any day of the week!

That being said, this book knocked my socks off. I went into reading it, thinking that it was probably the “common” everyday run of the mill Fae story, so I wasn't expecting much.

Well, the author of this book basically said, “Take that” because not only was it completely different from what's out there, but I loved the main character Midna's humor, sarcastic wit, and her over all personality. I would have to say she was far more than I expected. The characters are well developed, make you want to laugh out loud, and you feel like you're actually a part of the Fae world in the story.

I really enjoyed the side kick Melissiah as well, and of course Kailen, the main male character of the story would definitely be handsome.

I would totally recommend this book to paranormal lovers everywhere. It has humor, steamy romance, characters who are enjoyable to read, and the author showcases her talents for writing.

Good job Ms. Infante, we'll have to check out more from you! ;)

***** 5 out of 5 
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August 19, 2012

Now, seeing that I am "NOT" the romance type, I loved this book. I won it on her site in a contest, and thought humm I'll probably never read this. I mean c'mon it paranormal!

I thought it would be cheesy like hummm, say that TW, but this book was really good. It was well written, had some ghettoness to it, and was just fun.

I don't really do faries, true blood, underworld, or any of those genres, but this was a really enjoyable read. The main character Midna is funny, had me laughing throughout the book; and the fact that her old southern granny was a witch who got booted out the family reminded me of one of my aunts.

I liked Kailen, the main Fae, and the fact that even though his brother is a douche; he still tries to do right by him and loves him. Sometimes you have to just let people go!

What I didn't like. The brother Kheelen got on my nerves, and I didn't understand why someone didn't just shank him. It did get lovey dovey at times, and the dark courts should have just been wiped out; but then I guess there would be no book if they were.

All in all, this was a good book, and I would totally recommend it to someone else.

I see that the author has a couple of books on here, and I think I'll actually read them; because the two I have were good for this genre.